Welcome to the energy world, the power in pennies.

We would like to give you a warm introduction to our brand-new website, it’s shiny right? Well, behind all the glitz and glamour we have put together a small introduction into what energy consultancy is all about. Unbiased of course, just a good read for those who don’t want to dive into too many tricky terms.

An insight into the Energy Enterprise.

Energy procurement. Seems a bit complicated right? Well, it can be at times. Especially if you run a business and have no knowledge of the energy market, or with energy obtainment at all. A lot of research would be required to reach a comfortable level of understanding and if you don’t really have the time or energy (excuse the pun) then it can become rather confusing. Moving forward, the best solution is to have an energy purchasing strategy in place.
Developing a strategy would allow you to take more control over your energy consumption and of course, the bills that follow. The main idea here is, to save money that can be utilised elsewhere. For example, you may have wanted to replace that old desk with that stylishly luxurious and overly priced one, because you probably deserve it and couldn’t justify the price tag. Regardless of what the savings could go towards however, the goal is to actually accomplish these large savings. As you may know, managing expenses for a business is principal in conjunction with success.
Hang on – it is important to have a little idea of the energy procurement trade. To shed some light, energy procurement – is the process of obtaining energy. Energy consultancies deal with the whole range of energy suppliers in the UK and process contacts on behalf of a client, they take a little cut and you make savings. Well, one would hope so. But this isn’t always the case, so the best strategy is to shop around. Really get to know your energy consultant and compare your options until you find ‘the one’.
Is it really that important to have an energy procurement plan in place? Well yes, as a business it’s unbelievably vital. Ever heard of out of contract rates? and perhaps you haven’t, The secret here is that these rates are considerably higher. And I mean considerably higher! So, in short it would mean more money for the supplier – so why would they tell you otherwise.
When purchasing energy for your business, it’s important to consider how your business operates and uses energy. For example, you will want to ask yourself and of course, your energy consultant, the following questions:
Which type of fuel does my business need?
How much energy does my business usually use?
What’s my business’s energy budget?
What’s my ideal contract term length?
What are my business’s priorities and objectives?
What are the current market energy rates?
To conclude, where efficiency is concerned, businesses benefit from having an energy procurement plan because of the convenience it entails. Once you have found the right tariff, supplier, contract length and all the rest of it, the renewal process is easy. More often than not, your consultant/account manager will contact you ahead of your contract end-date and with your stamp of approval, find you a suitable quote and lock you into a new contract. Although there’s no rush – make sure you’re in-the-know with your consultant.
If you’re not happy with the service you’re currently receiving or the amount you’re paying for energy each month. As well as how much it could be costing your business over a number of years. You may want to rethink your energy purchasing strategy. Taking some time to explore the different small-business energy options available to you. This will ensure that you get the rates and services you need to keep your business running smoothly.