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What differentiates Envolve Group is the personal service we offer businesses, and the level of sophisticated analysis and the keen understanding of the energy markets that a wholesale consulting firm our size brings to the table.

Envolve Group takes a hands-on approach by customising plans for each individual client and company we work with. We can manage your budget with a fixed rate. All of this adds up to significant savings for our loyal customers and makes it easy to understand why so many businesses choose us – and why our customer retention levels are measurably higher than other consulting firms.

At Envolve Group, we have a platform that enables 40+ direct energy suppliers to all bid against each other. What this does is ensure we can get you the most aggressive rate in any market condition.

Meet the energy experts

Our staff are the bedrock of Envolve Group, and their professional integrity keeps our clients safe in the knowledge that they have their best interests at heart.We believe that creating a trusting happy environment within the workplace is one of the main cornerstones when driving our business forward. We invest heavily in training, development, and incentives to make sure our staff are qualified and stimulated to perform to the best of their abilities.

Brendan Nixon - Director

Brendan initially started his sales journey working as a lead generator for British Gas. He quickly moved through the ranks and held senior positions in some of the UK’s top energy suppliers gaining invaluable experience and knowledge along the way. He finally found his calling as an independent energy consultant in 2019 and has not look back since. Outside of work, Brendan is an avid golfer and enjoys sailing.
Fun Fact: “I make the world's worst cup of tea”.
Star Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit

Alex Hall - Director

Alex successfully started his own electrical business independently at 21, since then he has gone into renewable energy, scaffolding, plumbing and heating. Bambu scaffolding and Halltech Energy Partnership has won multiple awards such as the Green Construction of the Year Award, Hull Renewables Award and National Business Development Director of the year, as well as the Energy Efficiency Awards. Alex himself personally achieved awards such as, Entrepreneur Of the Year multiple times and Young Business Person Of the Year, and that’s just a few of his accomplishments! Alex boasts a business driven and inspiring outlook to life and work and has an inspirational quote for any occasion. Outside of work, he believes the body is a temple, he promotes this lifestyle by running every day and boxing.
Fun Fact: "when i go camping i take my self back to the middle ages so i can really experience the wilderness"
Star Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac: Dog

Brivan Battal - Operations

A biology enthusiast and nature lover, brivan would consider herself a scientist in the making, she studied Bio-medicine and Biotechnology at university before joining Envolve Group. She brings a fresh outlook to the team with previous energy industry knowledge and is responsible for making cutting edge decisions to progress the business forward.
Fun Fact: “I own 36 pairs of flares”.
Star Sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit

Callum Mortimer - Data Analyst

Callum is the junior data technician at Envolve. His varied roles include IT support, Sales, Team Management and the analysis of data. Since joining the company with his invaluable knowledge 6 months ago, he has been able to progress himself in the company and personally by moving out of his family home into a beautiful apartment at 18. Envolve has given him the confidence to succeed, as one day he aspires to become an entrepreneur and director of his own company.
Fun Fact: “I secured an interview at Envolve by successfully attempting to sell windows to the individual who then became my future employer. ”.
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac: Horse

Zahida Battal - Junior Accounts Manager

Zahida is the junior account manager for Envolve Group. Holding the title for first employee of the company, she may be young but has accomplished a lot as a 17-year-old. She has lived across 5 different cities and travelled to 8 different countries, with the intention of eventually ticking off every country globally. She initially considered an engineering apprenticeship but was swayed by the world of sales! working hard to become a ‘shark’ in the industry.
Fun Fact: “I write a lot of poetry”.
Star Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac: Goat

Our approach


We are firm believers in transparency in business. There are too many consultants in the energy industry who betray their clients' trust by not being transparent from the very start. We offer full transparency by explaining to our clients how we get paid from energy suppliers, not withholding the truth about market trends or even the service we offer as part of the customer journey with Envolve Group.


Our clients trust Envolve Group to not only get them incredibly competitive rates but to manage their gas and electricity accounts throughout their full contract. It is our job to analyse the energy market and make recommendations to our clients about market trends. Sometimes the truth can be hard to hear but we make sure our clients are in the know regardless. Our client retention rate is over 95% which we believe is a testament to our open and honest relationships.


It is always important that our clients are in complete control from start to finish. We are that confident of our prices and service that we let our clients dictate a fair and honest price for our services.

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Our Mission:

To reduce our customers’ energy costs by using our team’s expertise, experience, and agility in energy markets, and by capitalizing on market trends. That means we can offer you the most competitive rates. But more than that, our experience in wholesale energy markets allows us to assess risk and manage costs, passing on significant savings to our customers. Envolve Group is focused on renewable energy and can help businesses switch to 100% renewable energy, we make recommendations on energy efficiency, and offer free advice to educate your staff and customers. After all, being part of the renewable energy movement is something to be proud of!